Friday, October 14, 2011

Little/Big Man

I had the wierdest dream the other night. I was holding Tucker and his top two teeth were starting to come through. I turned away to grab my camera. As I turned back around the top two were completely grown in, along with the two bottom, an incisor and a molar. They weren't tiny baby teeth but larger, almost adult sized teeth. I woke up and stared at my baby's mouth making sure that there were no teeth.
I think that my brain is trying to process the fact that little man is getting big. The day before the dream, Tucker grabbed the side of the laundry basket and pulled himself to a standing position.I'm not quite ready to deal with this. Where is my baby? And who is this little person who is all over the place?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sea World

Last month (yep, I'm behind again) we went to San Antonio to visit the Breadys. While there we went to Sea World. I had never been before so I had no idea what to expect or that there was so much to it! It was so stinking hot. I think it was 106. Little man was not a fan. Luckily we found an air conditioned nursing room that we hung out in a few times that day.
We walked through the splash park a few times to cool off. The kids were not big on the idea until all the adults started doing it. We knew that was the only way to stay cool. That and spending some time in the air conditioned penguin house.
The dolphin show was very cool. The aerialist were awesome. I only saw the first half. As I said, little man was not happy. Every time the crowd cheered he cried.
The kids loved the dolphin tank. I was tempted to push them all in.
This is my cute niece, Whitney. I like her.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Fun

It's been a busy, but awesome summer.
Livy loves swimming. As long as she has on floaties and is inside her green floaty toy.
For the fourth of July my mom bought the girls sparklers. Yay! Burning hot sticks of death in a 2 and 4 year olds hands. Good call Grandma.
We went to LA and hit the Santa Monica Beach.
We took turns with my parents and brothers and sister in law doing sessions in the LA temple. We each had a turn inside and a turn with all 4 little ones. This is Connor in the "Danger Zone." Silly boy.
Tucker was blessed on the 24th. I was lucky enough to have all my brothers there. I was only missing my sisters family (tear).
We hit Disneyland again. This time we went early so Liv could meet all the princesses and fairies. She was a little shy at first. By the end of the day she was in heaven.
Lines were a new concept to Liv and she was not a fan (but really who is?)

We had a ward Pine Wood Derby. Rick and the scout master entered a car and were like children during the race. Luckily there car was pretty good because the certainly did a lot of trash talking, to children. They won first against the other auxiliary groups and second over all.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

3 Months

Little Tucker is 3 months. And little Tucker, is not so little. Last week at the doctors he was 13 lbs and 3 oz, 23 1/2 inches long. He's in the 58% percentile for weight, 50% for height and 75% for head.We had 3 shots, yuck. Tucker did really well. He was done crying within a few minutes.Some other things about Tucker. We have a pretty good scheule going. He goes to be at 10, gets up around 5 and 8 to eat and is up for good around 10. He naps at 11:30 and 6:00 for 30 minutes and at 2 for about 2 hours. He eats like a bulimic. Gorges until he projectile vomits. Awesome. I change his outfit at least 5 times a day and mine about 3. He is a sweet little boy that smiles and laughs often.We love our little guy.

Friday, July 8, 2011


A few weeks ago we took the kids to Disneyland. Rick had meetings in Anaheim and I didn't want to single mother it for 4 days. So we met him down there and hung out at the hotel.As we were standing in line at Disneyland a girl came up to us and offered us a free ticket. Cool! Then a few minutes later another lady offered us another free ticket. AWESOME! We paid nothing. We got there just in time for the parade.Liv was not a fan at first. The music is loud, the crowds are overwhelming. But then she started recognizing characters. She was enamored with the princesses and so excited when Cinderella blew her a kiss. She loves Cee-yella. When the Tinkerbell float came by she couldn't have been more excited. We walked along side it so she could see Tink-bell for a while. She waved and yelled "hi Tinkbell" as we walked.We went on a few rides. I haven't been on its a small world since my nephews were tiny. It's kind of a creepy ride, but little ones love it. Liv was adorable, staring and pointing. Even Tucker seemed to like it as he stared with his big eyes.We let Liv drag us around Toon Town and toured the houses and treehouses. And of course she had to climb in all the cars.We met Mickey. She wasn't thrilled. She loves Neckey, when he's on tv or her toys. But the real thing freaked her out. We watched the fireworks, rode the Nemo ride and bought Liv an overpriced, but incredibly loved, princess nightgown. It was a really fun trip. We saw a new side of Disneyland, through the eyes of our little girl, and it made it one of my favorite trips ever.

Friday, June 3, 2011

She has grown!

I look at my little girl and so often think she's as tiny as ever.Every now and the I get to see the comparison of how she's grown.
May 2009
May 2011
May 2009
May 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

People keep asking...

How is Livia doing with Tucker? The answer plus a few cute smiles is here.